Sunday, June 15, 2014

Am I having an angel?

Sitting near the sea shore,
I saw a girl standing and a crow crossing her,
to my wonder of wonder, i saw an angel with my world eyes.
This provoke me to think, am I an angel?

From the day I(Baby) was born,
I was considered as a little angel to my parents!
From the day I started walking and speaking,
I was considered as Adam(or Eve) to my on-lookers!
From the day I started schooling,
I was considered as a learner to my well-wishers!
Now when I have started earning,
Am I still an angel?

From the fairy tales to real life helpers,
we learnt the god sends help via Angels.
From the caring nature of our parent's to our friend's,
we learnt the god look after via Angels.
But is this Angel resides in me?

why I have started finding helpless in me?
why I have started finding loneliness in me?
why in this materialistic world I found competition developing "I, me, myself" nature in me?
Where has this Angel of mine disappeared?

(Then Gita says,"sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto")
I am not alone, the angel is there with my like my shadow.
I am not helpless, the angel is making me strong to together confront, stand out in all situations of my life.
I care about others as they care about me!
Angel is always there in me, with me and for me to live this life happily, victoriously, and joyfully till the end.

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