Thursday, March 29, 2012

जो वापस चले आये (jo wapas chale aaye)

आखों  में  तो  बहुत  से  सपने  थे ,
दिलो  में  भी  अनगिनत  ख्याल  थे ,
सपने  टूट  गए  आधे  रास्ते  में ,
जो  वापस  चले  आये !!!
सोचा  था  खूब  बातें  करेंगे ,
सोचा  था  खूब  मस्ती  करेंगे ,
सोचा  था  तो  बहुत  कुछ  करेंगे ,
अब  सोचा  रहा  हूँ  क्या  करू ,
जो  वापस  चले  आये !!!

जिसको  मिलना  था  उसको  न  मिल  पाए ,
आधे  रास्ते  से  जो  वापस  चले  आये !!!

In English font
Aakho mein toh bahut se sapne the,
dilo mein bhi anginat khayal the,
sapne toot gaye aadhe raaste me,
jo wapas chale aaye.

Socha tha khoob baatein karenge,
Socha tha khoob masti karenge,
Socha tha toh bahut kuch karenge,
Ab socha raha hu kya karu,
jo wapas chale aaye.

jisko milna tha usko na mil paye,
aadhe raaste se jo wapas chale aaye.

Monday, March 26, 2012

हाले दिल किसको बताये (haale dil kisko bataye)

किस  किसको  अपना  हाल  बताये,
जब  अपने  ही  नहीं  जाने  पाए!!
जिस  दिन  से  दूर  हुए  हम,
शुरू  हुए  हमारे  गम!!

रोज़  अकेले  घुमते  है अब  हम,
रोज़  सवेरे  ढूँढ़ते  है अब  हम,
दूर  जो  हो  गए  कितने  तुम,
आज  समझ  में  आते  है  सितम!!

याद  करके  है  देखा,
फ़ोन  मिले  भी  है  देखा,
इ-मेल  लिखके भी  है  देखा,
unreachable ही  हो  तुम!!
कही  से  तो  कोन्नेक्ट(connect)  हो  जाओ!!
अपने  दिल  का  भी  हाल  बताओ!!

In English font.

Kis kisko apna haal bataye,
jab apne hi nahi jaane paye!!
Jis din se dur huye hum,
shuru huye humare gum!!

Roz akele ghoomte hai ab hum,
roz savere dhoondte hai ab hum,
door jo ho gaye kitne tum,
aaj samajh me aate hai sitam!!

Yaad karke hai dekha,
phone mile bhi hai dekha,
mail likte bhi hai dekha,
unreachable hi ho tum!!
Kahi se to connect ho jao!!
Apne dil ka bhi haal batao!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lost in memories, I cherish...

Lost in memories, I cherish….
Childhood goes and never returns,
Those games, running in the park,
Asking dada-dadi, chacha-chachi and all for toffees, chocolates, Ice-creams,
Fighting with my brothers and sisters,
Lost in yester years, I cherish….

Remember my nursery school….
Going just because on return I will get chocolate,
Though I used to forget on my way back to home,
Lost in innocent glooming, I cherish…..

Gone are my school days….
Carrying bag weighting double my own weight,
Singing the prayers in morning, going to canteen,
Asking the teachers weird questions,
Racing to be the first in everything,
Lost in real sportsmanship spirit of life, I cherish….

Lost in college days, best of the all……
Cherishing these days, I forget everything else,
Share… don’t share I am left confused,
Many memories are still young in heart and mind,
These are the only ones, I am left with….

Day or night, noon or evening…..
Lost in memories, I cherish each of it….

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life is mine and I will stir......

Sat upon the windows, everywhere was snow,
it was different feeling only God know!!
Life is hard and I am not the pro,
but here is my opportunity to grow.

It started to snowfall, I started to shiver,
what a glass of Rum would help to deliver,
I asked my sweet corn soup to stir,
what life has empowered, I feared.

Losing hope is not in my values,
still I lived in fear.....
Lost many things in struggle of life,
still I survived in fear......
They say I am not made for all this,
still I moved on.....

Tell me how long can I live in this fear,
Life is mine and I will stir......

Monday, January 2, 2012

life is like footsteps.......

Seeing the baby feets in those hands, I was reminded that moving on is like never ending story..........