Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bhagavat Gita and ME

Last week I participated in इस्पर्धा (debate) at Yuva Kendra on the topic “The indwelling god of Bhagavad Gita enriches Humanity”. Though I had sufficient time, I was not able to prepare the script for it. One night before the event, finally I sat done for the script. Around 1 o’clock in the morning, I was just half done and couldn’t last more. The following was my final draft of the script.

I contribute to today’s world !!!! Do i??

From childhood school to college and offices,

I wore different faces for materialistic aces,

Just like all other Homo-Sapiens.

Knowing something about everything had become my passion,

Knowing everything about even one thing was not in my action,

Left with no aim I wasted all my talent and perfection.

I contribute to today’s world !!!! Do i??

This was my past,

‘cos I got Bhagavat Gita at last,

With Dadaji’s Swadhya I have entered Divine Brain Test Class,

With Divine Brotherhood I renewed my knowledge of Heritage,

Now my life has essence of Upnishads and Veds.

A selfless attitude and love has reawaken,

And all the barriers of difficulties are getting broken,

With Street play and धनञ्जय क्रीड़ा(Sports meet)

I have gained an aim,

To spread the spirit of gita to the Last Human Remains.

I contribute to today’s world !!!! Yes I Do.

With भाव-फेरी and भक्ति-फेरी

I have replenished the indwelling god in My Heart,

What to say about त्रिकाल संध्या(

I am rejoicing my ancestor’s life of art.

I tried to complete this poem---article—speech but I was not able to push my sleep and dream that hard.