Saturday, August 29, 2009

Am i right!!!

वोह था I-day!!! Right!
दिन था bright,सब कर रहे थे fight,
उडाई kite और पेचा मारे tight,
वोह भी थी height, जब कटी kite,
जीते fight पर हो गयी थी night,
so stopped flying kite.

Took some diet, एक दम lite,
slept tight but bed bug bite,
Monday morning and no respite,
got late to office since every crossing met red light,
can't do anything, just nail bite,
Am i right!!

Lord Krishna

When I started sketching it, I was a bit confused about from where to start! I thought start from crown but then I analyzed that it will take more space. The moment I started with the eyes, simultaneously i started re-creating the sketch in my mind too. The picture on left depicts basic sketch of face .

The following picture shows the final sketch.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

my sis