Saturday, July 26, 2008

GURU and its powers

Spiritual in concise # 3


The word guru refers to a person who has the phenomenal potential of taking you beyond not just your pain and suffering but beyond what you know of as yourself, thereby throwing open doors to higher worlds and experiences that have the power to bring about a transformation in you.

The guru's shakti (force) is unlimited, as the energy is anant (endless), and akhand (expansive). A shishya should always consider the word spoken by his guru as a mantra. Rishis have emphasised the mahima of the true guru: "Dhyana moolam Guru moorti, pooja moolam Guru padam, mantra moolam Guru vakyam, moksha moolam Guru kripa," meaning the root where dhyana comes from is the guru's form, pooja or any form of austerities a disciple practices comes from the lotus feet of the guru, root of mantra is guru's word and root of liberation, moksha, only lies in guru's blessings.

Our world starts as our mother as teacher, then school , graduation but until and unless we find the really Guru ie the SATGURU we are always incomplete in the spiritual sense.The guru-shishya parampara is the world's oldest system of evolution and learning and its power and ability can be judged from the fact that it is still being practised. Most successful people in various fields would always have a guru. Guru can be a physical being but what is important is the energy which a guru holds and the ability to channelise it into the shishya.


Moral: To live in this world , either we can move as we do at coastline of a sea BUT if we want to sail through the sea then we have to take boat ie the SATGURU who will help and take you beyond all.