Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Zero is not just zero

Spirituality in Concise # 1

Well let’s start the counting of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4…haven’t forgotten something to count? Yes I am talking about the number Zero! Isn’t its weird… well it may sound weird but its not.

Zero is something that can be felt too. Try this. With your finger draw Zero anywhere and now tell is there something you fiNo!!! Yes, there is something in there. If you see that place under microscope you will find some living microbes such as bacteria, fungi etc. So now you see there is something in Zero. As there are many things inside this zero, there are many things in our body too. Even our Vedas and epics say that there resides the universe in our body too.

Likewise another example, we take 1 ,if we add 0 on right hand side this becomes 10,100,1000 and so on but if we do similar thing in left side we get 01,001,0001 and so on it will still remain one i.e. 1. We always search for 100, 1000 but not for zero. The day we achieve this zero we will get 100s, 1000s on our own without doubt.

The one who achieves the ZERO achieves Everything and is on the top.

Now reading this all u may say how the achieve it. The one and the only one approach is to search for it inside you. This can be done when you introspect yourself and search for the supreme lord in yourself. Slowly and slowly one day we will achieve it.

My new Series


In this world of competition we struggle for more and more quo... And we forget to see the other side of the hedge the Spiritual world where there is no goals but all happiness and all are equal to pursue anything they like..

I am now starting with a new series called "Spirituality in Concise". Through this series I will be unrevealing the thoughts of spirituality that i recieved in my life through my friends,elders and teachers. I will be writing an article for it every fortnight.

so with this lets start the new era of spiritualness in ourselves......


Neeraj Gupta