Friday, February 29, 2008

A malignant controversy

Last week there started event of controversy in my class. It started with my two friends got selected in a company with a nice package (4+ Lakhs). The controversy was not their selection but the background of it.

The two of my friends were already Placed in other companies. They had got some certification of languages which this company (which though had come for the unplaced ones) looked as the plus points for hiring the people. Since our college had made some compulsory regulations for our placements, the placed junta was not allowed to register and sit for the interview.
These two after several rounds of talk
with our TPO were allowed to sit for the company. With their performance ,first, they short listed for the interviews with some Non Placed junta and Finally only these two were selected for the company. Now the controversy started....

As the news spread within other class fellows, allured with the package, they thought to have had lost A NICE chance to get selected in another nice package giving company. Supported by the Non Placed Junta they revolted against the two (since they know that they may not get the answer of injustice from the TPO). So they raised many Questions about the injustice and the “interest which pursued the two to sit” over to the two. One of the questions which caught my attention was “given that company had offered a package of 1-2 Lakhs then would they have sat for it(showing the interest as of now)?”

Since I don’t wanted to arouse the anguish, I didn’t take any interest in whole story. I think that its malevolent to do so ‘cos the controversy is Money driven for many and if the same question is raised against the Placed and Revolting junta “had it been the similar case of company offering 1-2 Lakhs would the controversy be sparked again?”.

The moral of the whole story is that today the satisfaction level of people seems to be unsatisfactory to themselves. The word ‘More’ is seen as never ending and people always feels as short of inch to the victory/destination in such situations. If the people become conscious of their actions they can touch the sky anytime ,anywhere and in any sphere of life. All they need is to sat their limit of dissatisfactions once and for all.

then they can see an unbelievable change in their way of living the life.