Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Neeraj Gupta

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exploring the frontiers of consciousness

An article from spiritual tree

Spirituality in concise # 8

The mystic lived on a mountain top. The scholar had great difficulty in climbing the mountain. As soon as the question was asked, the master handed the academic a delicious peach. When it had been eaten by the scholar, the master asked whether he would like another. The scholar ate the second peach. Then the mystic asked: "Are you interested in where this peach was grown?" "No," said the scholar.

That is your answer about my system, said the master.

Now very few people try to explore the frontiers of their consciousness. Their pleasure-seeking passion never permits them to sit quietly, wrote Soren Kierkegaard. Despite being a religious writer, he revolted against traditional religiosity. Agreeing with what Kierkegaard thought, William James, the father of paranormal psychology opined that religion was like a thin verbal oil slick floating atop the deep ocean of mysticism.

Mysticism is the purest form of psyche where the consciousness is not even aware of its existence. It is a non-physical connectivity with the superior cosmic intelligence. It is a flight of alone to the alone. The most beautiful experience we can have is that of the mysterious. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead, wrote Albert Einstein. The tragedy is that technology has replaced mysticism from all spheres of life.

Technology, by offering us material benefits, has erased transcendence and mysticism from our lives. We are becoming spiritually bankrupt. Since mysticism is a kind of spontaneous revelation, it is always solo. The result is that mystics are always looked upon as outsiders and marginalized by society. Mystics also never make an effort to organize themselves and release a manifesto for the media. It is a silent revolution, where the transformation takes place only in an individual soul. One can never achieve this transformation by proxy.

Any event is interpreted on the basis of cause and effect theory. For the mystic, however, we find that an inexplicable law is working which has nothing to do with the theories or teachings we have evolved.

What is mysticism? Is it a call of the beyond? A message from nowhere or just a state of `no mind', which defies definition? Maybe it's a free zone which has nothing to do with codified religions. Ramakrishna Paramhans was a unique mystic. Everyday, taking flowers and Bel leaves in hand, he would touch his own head, chest, in fact the whole body including the feet and then offer them at Kali's feet. At other times, with eyes and chest flushed, he would move like a drunkard, with tottering steps from his seat to the throne of the Goddess, touch her chin as a sign of endearment and begin to sing, talk or even dance. Similarly, Lal Ded, the Kashmir poet, left her home and took to the life of a wandering recluse living in caves, going about in a semi-nude state.

Mysticism is the strength of primordial psychology. It's better called ontology ^ the science of self. It is a science and journey of human becoming from being. Technology is still a toddler and yet technology quite isomorphically makes tall claims that finally it will surpass cosmic laws. Technology has destroyed transcendence from our reality-map with no concern about the existence of a higher reality, the one that's with neither beginning nor end.


Neeraj Gupta


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You are Special

Spirituality in concise # 7

Ever thought who we are? Not asking your name or designation but the true self. Ever thought we are special to our self than to none or many others!! Ever thought why we have so many or none friends!! Ever thought of many of us will still go on reading this post even though they think it’s just a blog, a stupid time pass.

Well! Well! Well!!! You are not in an interview or question hour session. And even if you think the same way, then, one question at a time because we are not computers. Well, let me tell you something, nothing is special!!! It’s just a way of ours to make the thing special. Looking for examples…here it goes,

Newton, yes, Isaac Newton was no special guy! But when an apple struck his head, he thought “why it struck me” and then he started a sage search for the reason. And hence he discovered what we say Gravity. None other than the great Swami Vivekanand, one of the finest and first Indian who highlighted the great Indian Tradition and Ethics, was also told the same by his guru Swami Dayanand Saraswati that there is no special things since everything is within you.

We are living in the memories of past for the happenings of future, yet, forgets that we are the present. We remember our old days of college that we enjoyed in hostel, bunking the classes; of school, singing / listening the prayers while shivering on an odd foggy and chilly day, even getting punished for not doing the homework. We fear the failure lest it’s a success because we don’t have the self confidence most of the time. We fear the dark lest there is light because we know where we are wrong and is not accepting it. We, always, wish a happy future but we live a sad present.

WE are special indeed in someway, yet many of don’t realize it. And now a Billon Dollar question, Why? We are not discovering our self, our true divinity. One day, we by the help of our guru, will get to know our self. And that day, our motive to come to this world will be in front of us. That day we will be the god’s souls.


Neeraj Gupta

Friday, August 1, 2008


Spirituality in concise # 6

A blessing is “a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen. ...when a blessing is invoked, a window opens in eternal time.” You may confer a blessing with a silent prayer or a spoken or written wish. But there are other ways. When, with awareness, you honour another, express admiration or give a gift, you share a blessing. In a sincere greeting, when encouraging and complimenting someone, through small acts for the environment, you participate in the act of blessing.

May there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine upon your window-pane. May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near to you, and May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

May you have warm words on a cold evening, A full moon on a dark night, And the road downhill all the way to your door.” There is also gentle humour: “If God sends you down a stony path, may he give you strong shoes.”

The true beauty of blessing is how it affects everything — by the fact that we live, we are blessed; we have the power to bless others and they reflect love back to us. In the very act of blessing we are blessed.

the human heart always longs for a state of wholeness, that place where everything comes together, so to bless someone is to call some of that wholeness upon that person right now. As the ending of this blessing for solitude says: “May you learn to see your self, With the same delight, pride and expectation, with which God sees you in every moment”

Neeraj Gupta

Saturday, July 26, 2008

GURU and its powers

Spiritual in concise # 3


The word guru refers to a person who has the phenomenal potential of taking you beyond not just your pain and suffering but beyond what you know of as yourself, thereby throwing open doors to higher worlds and experiences that have the power to bring about a transformation in you.

The guru's shakti (force) is unlimited, as the energy is anant (endless), and akhand (expansive). A shishya should always consider the word spoken by his guru as a mantra. Rishis have emphasised the mahima of the true guru: "Dhyana moolam Guru moorti, pooja moolam Guru padam, mantra moolam Guru vakyam, moksha moolam Guru kripa," meaning the root where dhyana comes from is the guru's form, pooja or any form of austerities a disciple practices comes from the lotus feet of the guru, root of mantra is guru's word and root of liberation, moksha, only lies in guru's blessings.

Our world starts as our mother as teacher, then school , graduation but until and unless we find the really Guru ie the SATGURU we are always incomplete in the spiritual sense.The guru-shishya parampara is the world's oldest system of evolution and learning and its power and ability can be judged from the fact that it is still being practised. Most successful people in various fields would always have a guru. Guru can be a physical being but what is important is the energy which a guru holds and the ability to channelise it into the shishya.


Moral: To live in this world , either we can move as we do at coastline of a sea BUT if we want to sail through the sea then we have to take boat ie the SATGURU who will help and take you beyond all.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Zero is not just zero

Spirituality in Concise # 1

Well let’s start the counting of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4…haven’t forgotten something to count? Yes I am talking about the number Zero! Isn’t its weird… well it may sound weird but its not.

Zero is something that can be felt too. Try this. With your finger draw Zero anywhere and now tell is there something you fiNo!!! Yes, there is something in there. If you see that place under microscope you will find some living microbes such as bacteria, fungi etc. So now you see there is something in Zero. As there are many things inside this zero, there are many things in our body too. Even our Vedas and epics say that there resides the universe in our body too.

Likewise another example, we take 1 ,if we add 0 on right hand side this becomes 10,100,1000 and so on but if we do similar thing in left side we get 01,001,0001 and so on it will still remain one i.e. 1. We always search for 100, 1000 but not for zero. The day we achieve this zero we will get 100s, 1000s on our own without doubt.

The one who achieves the ZERO achieves Everything and is on the top.

Now reading this all u may say how the achieve it. The one and the only one approach is to search for it inside you. This can be done when you introspect yourself and search for the supreme lord in yourself. Slowly and slowly one day we will achieve it.

My new Series


In this world of competition we struggle for more and more quo... And we forget to see the other side of the hedge the Spiritual world where there is no goals but all happiness and all are equal to pursue anything they like..

I am now starting with a new series called "Spirituality in Concise". Through this series I will be unrevealing the thoughts of spirituality that i recieved in my life through my friends,elders and teachers. I will be writing an article for it every fortnight.

so with this lets start the new era of spiritualness in ourselves......


Neeraj Gupta

Friday, May 16, 2008

The last day have arrived.....

The last day arrived of the college life and I am not able renounce it. The four years of my college life have been the sweetest time of life, no doubt I cannot revert back but I can cherish it for whole of my life. With end of my semesters and my Bachelor’s degree, the world seems to be stolen from me.

I remember the first day of my college, I was in thought how will I going to spend my next four years of graduation in this new and unknown world. Never had thought that next four years will going to be my nice and awesome years of my life. All the four years, I cherish my sweet and sad memories that I spent with my classmates. The touch culture of mine which used to annoy them Though many will complain that the touch culture spread through me but its not my act. The helping hand of their’s when I needed it very badly.

Now, the day has arrived, I am full of sweet and sour memories. There’s a weird feeling in my heart, what is awaiting next…..Within a few months from now we will be in new world of corporate where there will be no time for get together. The world will be full of new challenges and with no regret in mind will be in fierce competition of the world around.

I would like to share some of the sweet memories of my college life. The first one I would rate will our JENUINE Manali trip, the spirit of class was at peak during and after the trip. The greenery of the Kullu Manali.... the shivering of the water at ManiKaran…the snow covered mountains and the fresh snow balls fights we played at Rotank…All were Jenuinely classics. The next I would rate will be the teachers whom we terrorized to full extend to name a few …Narender Kumar….OB ( Organization Behavior) wali…..Ashwani sir….Narina ma’m…..ST WALI…The annoying of people with my touch culture. The next I would say at the farewell, I caught unaware that people may acknowledge my SMS service as AajTak title. Well there are many more…

Well my college have being superb and I hope you too ….

Yaadein….aur yaadein rah jati hai……Yaadein….aur yaadein rah jati hai

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I gonna miss my college days

Hi friends
Here is an awesome song's lyrics regarding college life....Thanks to my friend Nitin for providing such a nice song...

(kab milnge naa jane hum
yaaron fir se sabhi
laut kar ab naa aayege woh masti bhare din kabhi
ho dil ye apna kahe ki ae doston )-2

(i am really gonna miss this place i am gonna miss my college days)-2

yaad hai woh saare lectures humne jo bunk kiye the
proxy kaa pakda jaana
lafde kya kam kiye the
milke likhna woh journal or submission last minute par
exams ki woh taiyaari ho likna woh 3 ghante
or bahar aake woh kehna
saala kya bekar paper set kiya tha yaar
milta 1st class kabhi yahan to lagti thi KT kabhi
laut kar ab naa aayege woh masti bhare din kabhi
ho dil ye apna kahe ki ae doston

(i am really gonna miss this place i am gonna miss my college days)-2

yaad aayege teachers
humko dil se humesha
yaad aayega ye campus
or iski apni duniya
ho yaad aayega humesha ye aashiyaan
(i am really gonna miss this place
i am gonna miss my college days)-4

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ever in your life have you unintentionally committed any misconduct or made your love one feel sad because of you and then confess it in front of them?

In this world the most difficult thing to do is to confess your misconduct or wrongdoing. Confession is always a weakness. The grave soul keeps its own secrets, and takes its own punishment in silence. We don't pay heat to this matter most of our lives and feel the burden of it time and again. Though its the other matter, we may not agree this when asked, but we know it our heart of heart this is the truth. Many of us are afraid as if we show ourselves  to the other ,the consequences may come back as worse dreams or as creed. Time and again we are reminded by ourselves to do it, all we do is ignore the point and the time comes when we get overburden with such acts, we feel lonely and dishearten because we haven't spoken our heart to anyone about it. So, this is a normal phenomenon in today's world .We only confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no big ones.

Confession is considered as sacred doing by all religions. Even the great peoples qoutes,

"Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession." , "I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps."- Mahatma Gandhi

"The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works." - St. Augustine

Confession makes us grow spiritually. Once we confessed ourselves we are enlightened to a different beautiful world of self reliance. As the burden is removed , we open ourselves to a new life of no regrets .

So, anytime you commit a lapse in your work, do confess yourself before its late!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

When one becomes a bit social!!!

Ask yourself what you felt the last time you help a stranger or even known person unintentionally. Some fell good factor had arisen in you, no matter for how long or short interval of time this lasted. Now came back, now might be thinking why I wanted I asked that!! Well, sometimes it just happens that your unintentional help seems to draw an attraction of the other person without your acknowledgement.

It happened about eight months ago when I thought why not ask my classmates to spread any news related to placement and academics through me via SMS. Since my SMSes were free, it certainly can be done. So as any information used to approach me regarding placement and all I used to 'Broadcast' it to all classmates. As months past I think people get used to it and regarded me as 'Khabari' (though I don't used to pay any heat to these words). They seemed to be dependent on my sms for even small information and I was also active for it. Sometimes I used to think why am I doing it when no one seems to thank me , then an instant inner voice was to recoil saying ' why are you so desperate for it'. Ha ha!! It's the human tendency to seem acknowledgement for his 'good work'. Anyways on 31st March I decided to put an end to this service. Since it was 31st evening many classmates think I fooling them for April fool!!

Now many people say why not I extend it further to the last of my engg. , but I don't its necessary. With April being approach no more information will needed to be spread …… moreover , no one need my SMS now at the 11th hour , as everything or last semester have approached their doorstep. From my side all classmates might have been benefited and have some nice moments in it.

With the end of a small and tiny service of mine , I too feel that one should have always try to have a flavour of social services be it small or big it doesn't matters , what matters is the returned feeling you get from it ( be it in person or hidden). It always pays you back in life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friends Angels from heaven

Remember last time yourself lonely, waiting for anyone to accompany you?
With hkh, I am sure you may not have that absurd moment ever in your life...



I was attending my class yesterday when a thought struck my mind along with the visuals!! I was thinking about the first and last days of my School and College……and the last day on this earth. From day1 in Prep class to 10th and then to 12th …college we get to meet thousands of people in person and forget them and only a few of these thousands leaves their charm on us. And we pursue them for the rest of our lives to be with them the other day. With them we share our heart and thoughts enthusiastically. The mirth starts from them and leaves a moment in our memories.


People come and go but they never show their love to bestow and leave their charm on us. I understand, life is not all about hanging on the memories but without them its incomplete and empty somewhere. These friends make us feel good in our lows, advise us to grow in right mode and direction. Friends are like of Angels from Heaven. It's the Angels who outstretch their love through friends. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer we sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.


I thank my god for giving me such nice friends. And lastly though not the least its all HKH.

nice love quotes

  • Every rose is a cup of red wine,
    How long is lease of life, who knows ?
    Longing to meet your lips to me.
    My heaven is in pretty eyes of thine.
  • Made from dust,in dust we merge.
    Keep filing my cup, till the journey's end,
    What is the secret, why seek or urge.
    Let not death mar, ecstatic surge.
  • River is a cup of wine over flowing,
    Heavenly angels would leave me to me.
    Rose is a barlet of mirth aglow-ing.
    I am Kayyam, they must be knowing.

Friday, February 29, 2008

A malignant controversy

Last week there started event of controversy in my class. It started with my two friends got selected in a company with a nice package (4+ Lakhs). The controversy was not their selection but the background of it.

The two of my friends were already Placed in other companies. They had got some certification of languages which this company (which though had come for the unplaced ones) looked as the plus points for hiring the people. Since our college had made some compulsory regulations for our placements, the placed junta was not allowed to register and sit for the interview.
These two after several rounds of talk
with our TPO were allowed to sit for the company. With their performance ,first, they short listed for the interviews with some Non Placed junta and Finally only these two were selected for the company. Now the controversy started....

As the news spread within other class fellows, allured with the package, they thought to have had lost A NICE chance to get selected in another nice package giving company. Supported by the Non Placed Junta they revolted against the two (since they know that they may not get the answer of injustice from the TPO). So they raised many Questions about the injustice and the “interest which pursued the two to sit” over to the two. One of the questions which caught my attention was “given that company had offered a package of 1-2 Lakhs then would they have sat for it(showing the interest as of now)?”

Since I don’t wanted to arouse the anguish, I didn’t take any interest in whole story. I think that its malevolent to do so ‘cos the controversy is Money driven for many and if the same question is raised against the Placed and Revolting junta “had it been the similar case of company offering 1-2 Lakhs would the controversy be sparked again?”.

The moral of the whole story is that today the satisfaction level of people seems to be unsatisfactory to themselves. The word ‘More’ is seen as never ending and people always feels as short of inch to the victory/destination in such situations. If the people become conscious of their actions they can touch the sky anytime ,anywhere and in any sphere of life. All they need is to sat their limit of dissatisfactions once and for all.

then they can see an unbelievable change in their way of living the life.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The end of a long, enlightening journey by shashi tharoor

hi i like the way he has described the new india. here's his full article

Seventeen instalments ago we embarked in this space on a quixotic scheme: to compile a glossary of things Indian, "a sense of what we have in common: the assumptions, the habits, the shared reference-points that constitute the cultural and intellectual baggage of every thinking Indian."

We have ploughed through the alphabet, with tongue yoked firmly to cheek, and here we are at last at the final furrows on our brow (and the last letters of the alphabet).

But before we get there, as faithful readers have reminded me, there are a couple of other terms I should have defined for our glossary that I didn't before their alphabet slipped away.

Call Centres: The quintessential symbol of India's globalisation. While traditional India sleeps, a dynamic young cohort of highly skilled, articulate professionals works through the night, functioning on US time under made-up American aliases, pretending familiarity with a culture and climate they've never actually experienced, earning salaries that were undreamt of by their elders (but a fraction of what an American would make) and enjoying a lifestyle that's a cocktail of premature affluence and ersatz westernisation transplanted to an Indian setting.

Critics argue that this is "coolie work" (see my column of April 15 this year) but it's transforming lives, boosting our economy and altering our society. When the story of the New India is written, call centres will have to play a large part in the narrative.

IITs: Are perhaps Jawaharlal Nehru's most consequential legacy: they epitomise his creation of an infrastructure for excellence in science and technology, which has become a source of great self-confidence and competitive advantage for India today. Nehru's establishment of the Indian Institutes of Technology has led to India's reputation for engineering excellence, and its effects have been felt abroad, since the IITs produced many of the finest minds in America's Silicon Valley and Fortune-100 Corporations. Today, an IIT degree is held in the same reverence in the US as one from MIT or Caltech. There are not too many Indian institutions of which this can be said.

Back to our final entries:

Villages: Are where two-thirds of Indians still live. They are, for the most part, neither the dregs of misery they are sometimes portrayed to be (living conditions in our city slums are surely far worse) nor the idealised self-sufficient communities our Gandhians wish they were (there are too many inequalities and vested interests, and too few opportunities, for that). Our villages are just as susceptible to the encroachments of change, to the influence of the nearest movie theatre, to the ideas of the loudest politician, as any of our cities. They have simply lasted longer, and changed slower, because neither the attempts nor the resources have been geared for dramatic transformation. But village India is changing — few villages can claim to be identical in every respect to the way they were even a decade ago — and the pace of change can only accelerate. As urbanisation proceeds apace, within the lifetime of many of the readers of this column, villages will no longer house a majority of India's population. And then, to borrow from Edward Luce, if Gandhiji hadn't been cremated, he would surely have rolled over in his grave.

Weddings: Are the classic Indian social event, glittering occasions for conspicuous consumption, outrageous overdressing and free food. In a culture where marriage is a family arrangement rather than a legal contract, the wedding is the real opportunity to proclaim a new relationship to society, and brings together friends, business contacts, relatives and spongers in orgiastic celebration of the act of union. Beneath the surface bonhomie and backslapping jollity, however, lurk the real tensions, as the bride's father asks himself, "Are the groom's party really happy with the dowry? Can i trust the chap who's collecting the presents?"

Xerox: Xerox machines are a relatively new feature of Indian life. The cost of photocopying, though it has been dropping, is still prohibitive enough to dissuade all but companies, scholars and the occasional spy from resorting too freely to it. But the existence of so many roadside sheds with Xerox machines in them is, like our STD booths, a contribution of Indian democracy to the popularisation of technology.

Yes-men: Known north of the Vindhyas as chamchas, yes-men have existed throughout Indian history and will no doubt continue to do so. Their role is sanctified by the tradition of deference, the power of position, the fact of overpopulation and the alternative of unemployment. No one with money, power or position moves alone when he can be accompanied by a host of sycophants ready to echo his every nod. Yes-men are not necessarily at the bottom of the social scale; the role can be played at various levels. Thus, a peasant can be a yes-man to a contractor who is a yes-man to a landlord who is a yes-man to a party boss who is a yes-man to a chief minister who is a yes-man to a cabinet member who is a yes-man to the prime minister... At no stage in the process does anyone actually think anything other than, "What does my boss want me to think?" Fortunately for the country, somebody up there values the word no.

Zoroastrianism: See Parsis. (This is part of the typical Indian habit of observing the letter of an undertaking, while violating its spirit. It is also known as having the last laugh.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

CAT 2007 Results

The results of CAT 2007 will be available on the cat website: on the 8th of January from 3 PM onwards. The scores can be accessed by keying in the test registration number and either the date of birth (preferred) or the cat application number. The IIMs that have short listed the candidate for group discussion and interviews (if so) will also be displayed automatically. However, the details of the date and venue will be available by post as well as on the individual IIMs web sites (after a couple of days).

The scores can also be obtained telephonically through the IVRS or by sending an SMS to 57333. To access the results through SMS, the candidate should send an SMS to 57333 as follows: 'CAT space registration number space date of birth (dd/mm/yy)' or 'CAT space registration number space application number"
Example: CAT 5370082 030482.