Thursday, November 15, 2007

all about my prep till CAT

i first heard about mba when i was in 12th when my bro started the prep for it. then came the 2nd yr when i was having in-house training at my coll and my peers encouraged and joined various coaching institutes. i hadn't make up my mind for doing mba.

With cl coaching i started the prep in Jan this yr. Keep in mind i will not repeat what i had done in prep for iits but was not focused at that time. Then came the May when i was finished of my semesters and i thought this is the moment i should get concentrated but still not focused.
when mocks started i knew i will get a center shock and it did! i scored badly in first mock and i could it will happen. it continued to happened again and again till mock 4 when i got a good percentile (a better one though didnt made it to toppers list).it was a day after i got placed in sapient. i thought i still stand a chance but my performance didnt improved, it was all because i did not analyze the mock after giving it. but when i realized it, it was late.
Came the last month used to gave the mock and discussed abt the scores n expected cutoffs but no proper analysis. with just one week to go for cat i recollected my papers and started to what all my mistakes and strength. Even i am discovering various strategies and trick to be hopefully applied on the d day.

well i am still not sure what going to happen on 18 nov , the D day and how much my ad hoc approach will fruit.

First Post


well i dont where and what to start with!!
well with almost two days left for CAT, i thought of starting the blog.With cat in mind now u might ask hows my prep for the D day? To be very honest i really dont know what all has been my strength areas till date. My performances has shown any sign of it too.
dont whats goin to happen this year.

anyways best of luck to all